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About New Construction

Our construction services include building residential and commercial buildings from scratch,

second-story additions, and design-build packages. We’re a full-service contractor working with

property owners, tenants, real estate agents, etc.

New Constructions in NYC by ESG Builders LTD – Affordable and Elegant

Every new construction in NYC would be affordable and elegant looking with the molding of the experts from ESG Builders in NYC. Check out the design building packages offered by this full-service contractors for every scratch-to-palace construction project in NYC.


Every part of the home according to the plan would be measured and accordingly installed with chosen items. Consider a new home build up from a scratch that leads to a marvelous construction project. Bathroom installations, rooms, dry walls installation, and more other installation projects would go hand in hand with the new construction ideas by experts associated with ESG Builders LTD. Clients would get the worth of their money with the project handlers.

Interior setup

Consider everything within the home, from marble flooring to wooden polished floors – everything would be covered in the package program. The programs would even consider decorative wall-set up in the homes. Not only the living room setup but also bathroom setup would be conducted accordingly by the experienced builders.


Painting for the interior walls would be within the package. Clients can choose the paints according to their wish or may leave it upon the experts, depending on the new styles of home-interiors. Interior painting and required painting repairmen would be conducted by professional teams from time to time.

Electrical Setup

Every tenant would expect a complete interior and exterior with lighting setup. Given that factor, the experts from ESG Builders LTD would go for the best exposures of exteriors with exterior lighting. The interior decoration would be conducted in a similar way. Every little lighting or electrical glitch would be fixed by the experts during and after a building or renovation project.


A home is not complete without plumbing completion. ESG Builders offer plumbing solutions for every new and renovated construction. Gut remodeling projects may also get the benefit of correctional plumbing facilities. Plumbing fixation service would be available 24/7 on emergency cases.

A complete service package would be available according to the plans for house rebuilding or a new construction. The clients can check out the packages for information and quotes.

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