About Painting

We proudly offer the entire range of the best painting services across the country. Our creative team chooses the perfect match for your home or office walls, considering the feel and usage of the place.



Painting for Interiors and Exterior by ESG Builders for Total Buildup

A perfect painting service for interior and exterior walls by ESG Builders in Brooklyn would complete house build up and restoration, as well as remodeling. Painting services for home and apartment interiors and exteriors in NYC would be mended by the expert painters associated with the builder.

Painting Service Requirements

House painters and plasterers associated with ESG Builders would provide professional painting service in NYC. Best professionals would decorate the home interiors and exteriors as per requirements. The professionals associated with the service provider are licensed for performing professional works. ESG Builders Ltd would guarantee the best painting with the best colors available in the market. It would be stylish, safe, and elegant.

Painting Services

The painting service in Brooklyn by ESG Builders Ltd include –

  1. professional painting
  2. Surface preparation by skim coat, plaster repairs, restoration
  3. Wood refinishing with sanding, stain, and polyurethane application
  4. Professional decorative finishing by experts
  5. Faux finishing with colors
  6. Wallpaper installation
  7. Gliding with gold leaf and silver leaf installation

Clients would get the best treatment with the best colors available in the market, with perfect and unmatched interior painting with natural paints that would not affect the inhabitants with the smell of color from time to time. The painting service in Brooklyn also considers Venetian plaster with trained professionals, which can assure the best experience in the interiors with rich colors and antibacterial properties in them. Experienced professionals would also not shy away to comply with budget painting offers from clients.